Halp! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?

So, I've been really enjoying the new update and I'm trying to build up my crew, (unfortunately derrin seems determined to kill all of my undead so we're taking some time apart) but I've recently learned possession and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to implement it. It doesn't seem to work on a skeleton I have trapped in a room, my loyal swordsman follower, OR derrin when I snuck on him in ghost form to see if it was meant for living subjects. Am I doing something wrong? I can't find any answers or instructions online, so I'm just feeling a bit dumb about it.


Do you have the Continuity II or III skill? Since both Loyalty and Possession are continued bindings, to perform both of them you'll need at least Continuity II if you've used Loyalty on just one entity, and Continuity III if 2 entities are Loyal to you. In case you already have Continuity III and 3 entities Loyal to you (Derrin doesn't count of course) then you'll have to release the spell on one of them before being able to Possess anyone.
Sorry if the text looks a bit like a Rainbow, just trying out what kind of formatting works best.
yeah, it was something super dumb, nothing wrong with my focus limit. i just misunderstood the purpose of the spirit form and i thought i had to be in spirit form to possess people. (which would be cool, possess people from a distance)


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