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I've just learned about Sui Generis (latin, right?) a few hours ago, then I watched the early alpha combat... and then checked numbers you dev guys got from the Kickstarter. Then I checked numbers you askin' and I got angry and slightly depressed... then I re-checked numbers on my joke of a credit card. Thirteen euros is not at all much.

Yes, I'm a stingy, jaded, nitpicky bastard, but I really wish you get it done, this year perhaps. I'll spread word about this game on a few other forums, who knows - maybe someone will be less stingy.

Also, hullo thar. Call me Avram.
Hello Avram and welcome to the community. Understanding the thought and excitement for this wonderful game, we're all on board with wanting to see the game sooner than later, but patience will win out in the end for the best end product. Keeping in mind it is a small team of developers working on this project and they have made significant advances in the system which were not too long ago thought to be too complex to see reality.

In my personal opinion I see the work being done here as revolutionary in the gaming industry and I for one would prefer they take their time and get what they want out of the system before any kind of finished delivery.
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after playing the alpha for a looooooong time i am able to deduce that even in this early state the combat at least has a huge amount of polish and already the devs have recognized the issues and fixed them with lightning fast feedback with more promised improvements on the way.
I also agree that this game when it comes into full popularity will be revolutionary to the rather stale game industry of late :D


Hi Avramovic! Good to see that SG is still being discovered and the fan base is being expanded! The plan is for SG to be released this year, but if you want to get a bite out of it early we are expecting the Prelude this month or in a few coming months. But you have to increase your pledge.

I am also careful with where I spend my money, that's why I pledged for the Collector's edition of SG. Totally worth it. XD


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