How has combat been changed over the past couple years.

I stopped playing this game a little after it switched to the beta because I just got bored waiting for more story expansion. I remember back when I was playing you could do really cool things like get your sword into proper guard positions and change the angle of attack based on your weapon position and how you swing the mouse, for reference I had found 2 really good swings that would guarantee a head shot and usually went clean across a targets face so with a great sword if I pulled it off with good timing I could one hit anyone that wasn't wearing a helmet that covered their face. Coming back to the game now after a couple years it feels like they removed the level of control you used to have with the weapon. In order to get into a guard position I would tap the attack button once while having the courser on a certain part of the screen and that would determine how the sword was held so that I could then do a nice diagonal slash across the face. Now whenever I try tapping once it won't go up into any position and does more of a skyrim side to side swing no matter what I do. Then another thing I noticed is that the fend skill seems to have been made ridiculously over sensitive to the point that if an opponent feints from 10 ft away my character brings their weapon down to gaurd the legs for some reason then that further ruins attacking because I then have even less control of where the weapon is and again no matter how I move the mouse I always just get a basic skyrim back and forth attack. Crouching to try and further control the swing of your weapon also seems to not work any more. I used to adore this game due to how complex you could get with combat but coming back to it I find myself unable to enjoy the new changes. It feels like now you aren't rewarded by trying to actually learn how to maneuver your weapon and instead are just meant to spam attack because the AI gets confused.


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