Improvements to Opponents or New Opponents Thread

This is my thread dedicated to the enemies of EXANIMA, they are by far my favorite part of the game above anything else.

-Zombies, make some sort of starved, ravenous zombie who travels in packs or wanders aimlessly. Some ideas for it could include giving it a bloodstained body or generally forgotten about appearance like it has been surviving on the dead corpses of other zombies after a party of mercs destroyed a necromancers nest blocking the entrance and releasing its mind or something of that, a reward for a area like that could be some semi-destroyed semi recovered grimoire after the necromancer tried saving as much work as possible before impending death.

-Demons, They will be by far the hardest to work on but by far the most rewarding to fight. A idea for a area like that would be some lesser demons patrolling the area in groups and further in the crypt would be tall skeletal humanoids who grapple and straight up eat you, ( grapple mechanic?? ) being controlled by 3 greater demon ( not too hard, but definitely if you screw up off goes your head ) or 1 large intelligent half demon half skeleton who slayed his original creator. Rewards could range from almost anything, armor set in the style of some demon, a ornate weapon of some sort, or even a scroll or book dictating the demons of Hell like a bestiary and

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Also i would LOVE to see at some point in the near future and multiplayer mode with Track the Beast. ( name can be changed to liking )
In this gamemode a randomly selected player of 9, ( 1 Demon/ Creature and 8 Hunters/ Demon Slayers ) will become a demon or creature to their liking, you could even change the actual creature beforehand with a customization menu ( like the in in story mode and arena ) and make it appear large and bulky with a elongated skull, hard boney knuckles, and teeth like a horse to break armor. Another could be a very tall lanky half starved demon with a very box like head or one like The Skull in lvl 2 ( That skull by the chart in lvl 2, appears to be from a EXTREMELY tall troll. ).
Mind you the time this MIGHT be implemented it will be well after 2019 and probably 2023 will it be even considered to implement a feature like this
Core mechanics of Track The Beast.
The map itself will be very large and diverse in terrain and areas, as both parties explore the region they will have to grow in power and strength. Both parties will start off weak and the players will probably want to avoid the beast until they have enough salves to wear it down or flat out decimate its lair, the beast however will start off as a young offspring straight from the nest, likely appearing small and skinny with little teeth, but evolve into a lean, tall, creature equipped with piercing fangs and talons, or tall and skinny, but evolve into a very large muscular beast with teeth like a horse and paws with crushing knuckles. The Players will have to track the beast, and find clues to where it is located or where its "lair" is located, this can also range from NPC' s commenting on "rumors", roaring or cries of pain, bones of what it ate or the remains of its corpse, or coming across a party of fleeing villagers urgently describing a beast ravaging a nearby town...

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The Beast however, has a more complicated but much more destructive objective.
First few moments of the game, kill and eat anything you come across, especially players.
In the middle part of the game, the beast will want to be able to summon demons ( multiple small lesser ones or 1 or 2 greater demons, of course below the beasts current level ) and swarm the nearby town, it could even set a trap by commanding its party of demons to attack a town, wait in the treeline for the players, get behind them, and COMPLETELY wipe the players. The element of surprise and getting the upper hand will likely be the main focus in the middle part.
In the endgame, permadeath will be enabled for the players, ( it would be too ez considering how powerful the beast could become if it drags out the second stage ) and the players will always have a notification from time to time to where the beast is by thaumaturgic means or through NPC's coming and going ( every 45 to 1 hour, the intervals will be random aswell ). The beast however will become much larger than its current form and become ravenous to sustain its needed nutrients for the day ( increase in speed and power, but more speed than power ).
The beast will have 3 objectives.
Summon as many demons as possible and slay 3 towns ( 10 survivors or less ) and the regional government will declare a demonic presence in * *, if the beast manages to kill the captain of the regional police ( of course its the players aswell ) the beast will be free to ravage the villages with little resistance, winning the game ( it MUST destroy 5-7 villages before all inhabitants of the region are slain, this will win the game )
Summon the creatures master or what it was birthed by, the creator of said beast would be much stronger than the offspring due to its longevity of its life. this ritual will need 6 and three of them must be players ( grapple mechanic for dragging them back to its cave or nest ). It will take a total of 1 real life hour to complete the sacrifice ritual, and a geyser of blood will shoot out of the ground and out will crawl its creator.
Harvesting the souls of the players will also win the game, the book needed will be made of human skin pulled taught over magical wood ( two live sacrifices, one for the wood and one for skin ) and must be done in the second stage, if the sacred text is revealed however the goal of the beast will be obviously kill them. The beast can do this but will likely have to run down a player of the party it just ate and killed and drag it back, or harvest the soul on the spot, the found corpse however will appear alot more distinct than other corpses ( faint smell of death, withered and completely aged skeleton, symbol on corpse) and thus reveal the objective.
Off track of what i was saying but the players upon encountering the lair of the beast or the surrounding areas, the trees or nearby fauna will have etched symbols inside of the trees or painted on the leaves. on the lair itself will be a intricate circle and inside will be a triangle surrounded by demonic lettersand drawn in blood, mages will sense a great evil from this symbol and their powers weakened depending the the intricacy of the circle, the more sacrifices the stronger the symbols are. the symbol will spawn a greater demon of any kind and this symbol is completely unavoidable. It is also possible for the beast to flee from the players if it is heavily injured or about to become surrounded by quickly scrawling multiple symbols to empower a object or person as long a they are near the symbols and summon the strongest demon it can, however this will drain the beast of whatever physical strength and "mana" it had leftover and it will frequently stumble, trip, and its voice when attacking or running will sound strained and in pain, and its wounds will bleed profusely due to its inability to regenerate at that current moment, making it appear very close to death, its attacks and speed of its run or walking pace will be lowered by 35% percent for every 20 minutes it has not regained it energy by eating or escaping it pursuers and it will eventually bleed to death from its inability to heal itself. ( healing will occur after 40 minutes ).


Sounds cool. Also sounds like a lot of work. We'll see where creature designs go; a new undead morph skin is planned for the next update (or the one following/sometime in the future, I forget).


Generally I'm not a huge fan of the idea of multiplayer 'modes' for Exanima, but I have to admit that the 'hunt the beast' mode intrigues me. I would say it sounds maybe too complicated, but actually I could see it working in the Exanima underworld with just X players and 1 beast chasing and fighting each other.

If that never comes to fruition (because it does sound very complicated as Zeth said), we'll at least be able to do a version of that with one player in armour and the other players unarmoured when co-op comes out.


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