Injury and Dismemberment

lovely title I know.

The second this game receives these two systems, injury to the player and AI, and the potential loss of limbs, it will be elevated to a new genre.

It will have such a dance the player must perform, with hopefully even tighter controls, like being able to manipulate our grip, it will become this careful process of landing your blade in the perfect spot to deliver a killing blow instantly.

It will be without a doubt, the most realistic fighting sim out there.

I'm going to day dream a bit here, as this is the tone I perceived from the devs, I believe they want a certain amount of realism in these two games, so I'm going to elaborate a bit.

Exanima has a already well thought out armor system in how it covers the player character, this will mean that choosing to leave a area unprotected to lighten up the fighter, will mean acknowledging that that part could be hit and bleed. Having a bleed mechanic would certainly be impressive, even if faked. It would mean that fully armored individuals would be widely impervious to every blade except the most precise, increasing the need to have a hammer fighter in your party or in the arena.

Adding damaged and dismemberment to limbs making it mandatory to have a back -up one handed weapon, in case your hand is damaged or lost, so you can switch to your other arm. On a side note if we're talking rpg mechanics, you could have it so you set which hand your fighter is best with, so if your forced to swap hands you would receive some kind of debuff. A perk could be to allow you to be good with both hands, ambidextrous.

Dismemberment would mean that when fighting larger creatures with friends (multiplayer has been a talked about feature) it becomes important coordinate focus on a certain area, focus on disabling limbs and aiming for crit spots, instead of just trying to do damage wherever to a character health pool for a creature.

If the time to kill was shortened even further, (which may or may not be a good idea), through the use of injuries and dismemberment, then knives become very effective for those that are good at stepping inside fighter's guard.

I'm tingling.

Tho seriously guys go stumble across a big daddy investor or win the lottery or something. lets get you guys more hands.

thanks for coming to my TedTalk



I think the correct term instead of "elevated" is more like "transitioned." This doesn't fall in line with the hopes of most of the fanbase, or the developers as I see it. While it would be a fun novelty, I do not think this would enhance the playing experience in the direction that it should.


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