Interesting weapons


I personally want to see what spears and polearms would look like in Sui Generis, and I'd hope that spears aren't considered "2 handed" weapons, I hate when games decide that common historical usage (like a shield/spear) shouldn't be possible. I think a spear would be a devastating weapon in Sui Generis, you could effectively skewer an enemy with a barbed spear and then use magic to knock them off of it, dealing additional damage. Also it would be fairly simple to turn a man with the spear he was impaled on, I can't imagine someone struggling much if you pushed them in one direction or another. I could see spearing someone, turning them toward some unpleasant scenery and pushing them into it doing quite a bit of damage. Nets can also be quite an interesting weapon, and you rarely see the opportunity to adequately represent the efficacy of a retiarius.


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