I've been spoiled rotten.


As some of the long-time people may have noticed, I haven't been around for a while. Real life is demanding, as it turns out.

In my absence, I've played a number of other games. I completed Dragon Age: Inquisition and Shadowrun Returns, sunk my teeth into Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2 and (for some reason) decided to further mod Skyrim and play that some more (Current playtime 382 hours). Having played so many RPGs, albeit with varying gameplay and design philosophies, I never thought I'd get my arse handed to me as quickly as I did when I decided to play Exanima again.

Stumbling around the narrow corridors with nothing but a torch to light my way, I proceeded with caution to avoid conflict with any enemies, going so far as to start moving in the opposite direction whenever I encountered one. Cursing as I go, I'm scavenging what feels like a thousand rooms that hold almost nothing of value save for a few books, that don't seem to hold any information that could help me along my way. Getting frustrated, I start throwing around items to see if there's some valuable items buried under a stack of wooden stools and planks. Instead, I accidentally open a trunk that was sitting inconspicuously against a wall. It held some armor. And when I say armor, I mean "clothes that won't stop a butter knife but are somehow superior to what I'm wearing". Less afraid of the seemingly indifferent inhabitants of the dark dungeon halls, I stride about in my newfound attire until I stumble upon another trunk. This time, it's a glaive. Before, I had been carrying a plank with a nail in it and an iron bar, but now I was bringing the big guns.

At this point, I had determined that one of the enemies probably held the key to my progress. Carefully choosing a well-lit area for my battle, I took out my glaive to see if this was indeed the case. Swinging (and missing) wildly as I did, it may have taken my undead adversary about 5 or 6 hits until I promptly slumped onto the cold, stone floor, digging my head into my palms at my hopeless failure.

I've missed this.


A bit off topic, but may I ask whats with animal astronauts? Do they convert everyone into animal humanoids and send to space in the insider part of the forum?
I'd tell you about it, but acknowledging its very existence would be compromising valuable confidential information. In fact, I fear you know too much already...

*presses button to open trapdoor into sharktank*

*realises sharks have also become astronauts, sharktank is now rocket silo*

You win this time.


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