Left hand wielding


If there's one thing this game could have that other games don't have with such a dynamic system, is left hand wielding as in two handed sword held by left-handed character, shield in right hand and sword in left hand.

With such a dynamic game this is possible

The question

Will you implement left-handed characters or the option to wield weapons/shields in the left hand?


Nice idea. That would make for some interesting combat tactics. I can imagine that if say 10% of the enemies are left handed then that would make it a bit more challenging, because you'd have to adapt for that (one tactic may include swapping handedness...).

Perhaps a preference for left-handed vs right-handed should be specified upon character creation (i.e. increased strength, stability, dexterity or whatever when using your preferred handedness stance), but then you can swap your weapon hand at any point for the sake of potential tactical advantages. Perhaps ambidexterity could be something that could be trained/improved...

Thinking about ambidexterity and tactical usage of left-handed vs right-handed made me think of this:


Good catch, the occasional left handed enemy could add some spice.
Princess Bride references always welcome, but now I want the ability to somersault dramatically into combat.


I don't remember exactly the explanation, but when I learned fencing my instructor informed me that left handed duelists have a harder time fighting right-handed opponents than the other way around.

I can't for the life of me figure out why, though.


Interesting idea, I think it's definitely something to consider because not everyone's normal, they're are some lefties out there ;) haha.

It would also be a good challenge in combat. Hold on though, just remembered that you can wield two swords, so you can use which ever side you want.


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