Looking for a game to anticipate?


I would assume that since you are at the BM forums, you are a fan of:
  • Medieval games
  • Unforgiving games
Here's some games I've been following for some time now that you may want to look into

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

ETA: Summer 2016

Based on knighthood and low-fantasy medieval life, it looks pretty good.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

ETA: 2016

Using a simple yet intense combat system, it aims to be a universal medieval sandbox RPG. You can do practically anything you can think of. Check out Mount & Blade: Warband if you cannot wait.

Dark Souls III

US Release Date: April 12, 2016

Unforgiving, dark and brutal. First impressions from the community gameplay were fantastic. It looks as though Hidetaka Miyazaki has combined the best elements from all Souls games and Bloodborne into one.

Post any other suggestions and I will edit this post accordingly


Bannerlord is definitely at the top of my list (with sui generis ofc).. also been following Kingdom Come and waiting for DS3. For Honor looks pretty fun with friends. Dragon's Dogma Online is also fun with friends but idk if that's even getting a western release. And then I'm waiting on a SoulCalibur 6 announcement.


I have to say that Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Bannerlord are two games I most anticipate.

Also, I have not played any MMORPGs for years, but Chronicles of Elyria seems to have an interesting idea in aging player characters.

This, of course, is still far away in the future very likely, but Cyberpunk 2077 is my #1 anticipated game. Always liked the setting and after the Witcher games, my expectations are pretty high.

Also, games that are closer to publication:

- Sui Generis
- Torment: Tides of Numenera
- Divinity: Original Sin II
- Tyranny

There, for starters. :)


Bannerlord is definitely up there. I love the sandbox elements of Warband, and I just want to see a polished, updated, and expanded version of that. Nothing better than becoming friends of a powerful faction to fulfill your own ulterior motives. Long live the Rhodoks! May your crossbows pierce the hardest of armors!


Every time in Warband, I end up playing as a Nord. For some reason a huge group of Huscarls seems to be an unstoppable force when attacking anywhere. Maybe somewhat overpowered infantry unit in my opinion but gets the job done.


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