Map Manipulator included with Alpha?

In various videos showing off the game they have shown them messing with objects, lighting, elevation, and enemy spawning using some sort of creation tool.

I'm wondering if this will be included with the Alpha and/or Beta. Considering the main function of the Alpha and Beta is playtesting it would be a good thing to have in order to test out various facets of the physics and find the systems limits.

Which is why I am wondering if a world editor will be included.


Thanks for the quote. It is probably slightly more likely with the Alpha and Beta since they are not official releases but this has put it into prespective.
Why would it be more likely? I'm sure they focus on the really important stuff in the Alpha/Beta and modding tools of any sort are not that important.
My guess is that modding tools will come after release at the earliest.

Cooper Holt

I've been meaning to make a thread like this. Perhaps we should take it to the Insider forum.
I'll do that for ya. :D


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