Map selection, battle mechanics


____Arena map with overworld wooden arena with sand and rocks is very poorly optimized, and rendering there is so bad, that I have to fight in 0.25x-0.5x slow motion. So I wanted to note, that it would be good option to add choice of map to fight. I have issue with only one map, others are working perfectly, and I am on the lowest settings. Thus I don't get pleasure playing in slow-mo, especially if it's elimination, also due to controls being delayed, and this arena is generated very often. So can you, in your arena update, also implement map selection please?
____Also minor battle mechanics issue, having halberd equipped, and aiming to the torso of the enemy, very often my character swings over the enemy head with right horizontal swing, and aiming at the ground or at the legs, he swings up or as he want to hit the ceiling.Isn't horizontal swing supposed to be... horizontal? Or at least hitting what it's aiming for? It happens often and the isse is I can't predict this behaviour and it feels like a problem.
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