Missing Skills ideas and speculation


Greetings, fellow Exanimates!
As some (or many) of you could have noticed by now, through your bloody, messy and death-filled runs through these lifeless dungeons, there currently exist a couple of unlearnable skills in your tab, taunting you from the sidelines as you proceed to learn the same 5 skills over and over again, and while 3 of them have a name and even a description (that I'll explain in just a bit), the remaining ones have no mention of their possible effects, and all we know is their Skill category.
But let's first start with the three "known" Close Combat skills to get an idea of what we could have beyond our current loadout (these infos came from the Wiki, and it's unknown if this'll be their final effect once released):
  • Draw: Cut or hook with your weapon after landing a blow. [Have a sword? Slither in some extra pain after landing a blow. Using an axe, poleaxe or halberd? Hook your enemy and relocate 'em as you like.]
  • Brace: Use stronger bracing parries to stop more powerful blows. [Sounds like a good way to resist feisty Golems or nasty Faels, but I doubt it'll save you against attacks of Prez's caliber.]
  • Impel: [This one actually doesn't have a description. Maybe it's a form of shove?]
This leaves us with 2 unused Shield Skills and 3 unused Armor Skills.
What do you think those skills could be? Share your thoughts and speculations!


Maybe one of the shield skills will be to strike at your opponent with the edge of your shield. Another could be a shield bash.
As far as armor skills: grabbing your opponent's weapon; stunning by throwing your weight at someone; moving your body into blows to reduce their damage.


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