More Arena Modes?

So after a few hours I managed to beat the Novice Arena and after 2 runs, I beat the Expert Arena. Now every time I get in the game beating both Arenas is routine. It might just be me but I think another level would be nice with even harder enemies once more weapons and armor are introduced. Also a cool feature would be like a small crowd in the background watching and in the arena you start with nothing but some old worn clothes and a makeshift club. As you progress you pick up weapons and armor like now but maybe also a shop type feature where you can buy higher end gear. (Absolutely no micro transactions, ,only I'd earned in game and lost when you quit the game, such as the loot system is now.) But also keep the system where when you quit the game arena progress resets you. Anyone else agree or have suggestions?
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there will be more content to the arena in the future, there is some talk about outdoor arena even.
the idea for a shop to buy armors and weapons (and possibly health restore items) and you get some currency for each fight/win sounds like an interesting idea, i got some suggestions there;
the enemies have to be a bit randomized and who youre facing is decided by your fighting rank (which is lost upon loosing and won upon winning and also possibly affected by performance/stuff that happens in the fight, attacking an opponent who is fallen might have a negative effect for example), so you are either fighting a opponent with similar skill as you or multiple weaker enemies. if opponents are pre-decided and there are limited numbers of opponents for each arena like it currently is then the shop would serve little to no purpose as you would eventually get the armor and weapon you want anyway by looting. would be cool if the whole thing is set up like a never ending tournament, opponents can gain and loose fighting rank as well and you can sometimes end up fighting old opponents which you defeated or were defeated by.
if health healing items are sold in the shop then i think that you should not regenerate red health between fights, metal armors should be rare (few opponents with low to medium fighting rank got them) and is expensive and healing items to be really expensive, so you have to choose to use most/all of your hard earned currency to buy better protection or something that will give you some/all health back.
would be interesting if opponents werent always at full health because they got hurt in previous fights, they too can earn currency and have to buy healing items to heal themselves and can buy other weapons and armors as well. and to add to the experience, opponents can also loot you while you are unconscious/dead if you got something they want.
if yellow health goes to 0 you will faint instead of die (unless the opponent choose to finish you off) and can continue on fighting another time, but if the red health goes all the way down to 0 then you die and have to start all over, this would make getting metal armor even more vital.
would also be fun if in some rounds you end up teaming up with someone, 2vX 3vX etc,.. would making fighting even more variated and tactical. hurting, ko or killing someone on your team can/will result in less fighting rank and currency earned.
killing someone off while they are ko'd could result in none to negative fighting rank earned and no currency earned, but then you can pick up the opponents currency (which is a gamble, they might not have much/any at all). alternatively you gain little to no fighting rank by finishing off ko'd opponents but might earn more currency depending on the will of the crowd (could also be a deciding factor for an opponent to finish you off).
if this becomes a thing then i think the progress has to be deleted each time you start a new arena run instead of each time you exit the game, similarly to how the saving works in adventure mode. if the save got deleted for each time you exit the game then people who cant play for hours at the time might/will never be able to get very far.
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Yeah, same here. Was hoping for something like a customisable arena or an endless opponents mode with random gear. I think I've played more arena than the main game.


a 2v1 or 2v2 arena would be even better imo. or a nice free for all. Or for that matter, A custom battle would be amazing.
And how do you like this idea?
There is a tournament mode between the teams (guilds, orders, warbands, etc.), which are divided into team battles and duels ("mano-a-mano").
You and your teammates or opponents can take equipment of lose team, train skills, raise team rank, recruit fighters.
Team ranks divide teams into common and elite, as well as provide an opportunity to throw more challenges to other teams. Common teams have an infinite number of very different compositions. The elites are divided into leagues, which allows them to receive an additional amount of gold and hire elite fighters.
In addition, the elite team has to challenge the other teams and defend their rank position from the other teams of the same league. The first team in the lower league can challenge the last major league team and takes its place in case of victory.
Elite fighters have their own rank, which allows them to challenge other elite fighters, and to protect themselves from the rest of the fighters of the same league.
Each league has a prize titles within it, each giving its own advantages, such as: "Jack/Damzel of Blades" has some advantages to the speed of attack and parry by a melee weapon, "King/Queen of Blades" has the same, but with an aura effect, advantages + pros can pick up the best outfit after the team battle. "King / Queen / Jack / Damzel of Keys" has succeeded in techniques of taumaturgy, and "King / Queen / Jack / Damzel of Skulls" has the best ranged abilities.
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An arena where you can customize the enemies and pick different stages would be very cool. You would be able to challenge yourself in most every way you could think of, such as a naked 2 v 1 against armored knights or fighting an army of axe midgets.


The more options to customize arena the better imo. It's not bound by the same logic/sense restrictions as the dungeon mode. It's mainly for learning/testing/showing the content purpose.
EDIT: monster arena mode would be cool too.


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