More weapons for full plated enemies


The thing is, every single opponent (Expert and Master equipment tier) in the arena using a pole-based weapon is just ridiculously easy to beat. While Expert fighters can also use other weapons, full plated guys from Master tier only use polehammers and poleaxes. It's almost impossible to miss them or get your attack blocked while fighting them. Truly the easiest opponents in the game so far.

I don't really care if it wouldn't match medieval standards or something. Those guys REALLY need some swords (both one and two-handed) and maces. Don't get me wrong, but such enemies should be the hardest ones to beat. At their current state they're really far away from that.

Don Kanaille

Yeah, that´s already discussed in various places. On the one hand, the Master tier could use some more variation simply for fun, despite the fact that poleax-like weapons are the best logical choice for fighting armor in armor. But on the other hand, this is still an arena, and the viewers want to be entertained, so more variety is certainly not too far fetched.

On the other hand, there currently seems to be an issue with Master level AI. I remember some incredibly deadly poleweapon fighters from the days of the combat beta, and currently, even some of the Expert tier enemies with polehammers- and axes seem much more dangerous than the Masters, who just create one opening after another for the player to strike in. I´m pretty sure BM is currently having a look at this issue.


Happens that to beat armored guys you need or axes or maces in a pole to major propulsion and impact. A good hammer/pole hammer does an amazing damage through armor.

I finished the last guy in practice hard with a polehammer. Amazing job it did.


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