Music Thread


Hi this is the music thread. :D
Post stuff related to music here. :p

I just found this band and wanted to share :) maybe you've heard it before maybe not. :p



I'm more for metal myself, here's two songs from the newest album from the first metal band I started listening to.

Their latest is a bit more "Soft core" than most of their songs, still a great album imo though

Oh... Want to ad this one as well.
It's in Swedish, so I guess it's impossible to follow the "story" if you don't speak the language.
Still great though :D
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Nice stuff Brec. ;D I have listened to sabaton a little bit, and it was quite good.

Well, I'm for everything, haha. Gonna throw out all kinds of things in no particular order.

Tears of the dragon is also 'amazing'.

Love this one ;D

For some balance. ;D

Better stop for now, a bit much. ;D I also like Three Days Grace if you have heard of them.


ill just post some songs too then
I Feel Fantastic:
and I Ran Away (usopp version:p):
damn, now i gotta watch One Piece all over again



i was there

also here video ends when hole crowd becomes mosh pit ^_^ epic gig :)
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these days have been somewhat crap, so doomish is my mood

also some stuff you maybe already know maybe one of the greatest metal bands...



Wow, a lot of you guys are in to metal! I listen to mostly alternative, and a bit of electronic/dubstep stuff.
These are my favourite songs at the moment:
Well, metal is my 'genre of choice' however, I like most types of music.
SlowFace was actually quite good. But it's not something I can listen to for a longer period of time, but every once in a while though :D
However, Metal always work, from that I wake up in the morning, to the time I fall a sleep (With some exception) I listen to it. :D


I'm so glad this thread picked up, found some great songs guys, thank you!

I'm also into a lot of metal. But also electronic and some various stuff. :p

Here are some more cool songs I like.

Gorillaz - Rhinestone eyes, one of my favorites from the Plastic Beach album.

And Hoffmaestro - Highway man. A Swedish band.

And some more metal from Sweden.



The first song is IMO one of the better "Raubtier" songs. Sorry but they only sing in Swedish though.

The second isn't my favorite as such. The lyrics, the context and the text is pure regionalism though. (like Nationalism but for a specific region rather than a nation)

I generally don't care what musics are playing, but when I choose the music it's militaristic (through lyrics/theme whatever) and if depressing, even better!

C&C red alert series have imo the best OSTs of all time, Frank Klepacki being a musical genious:
(the background video is from "World in Conflict" but the music is Red Alert)

And of course almost all Sabatons songs are good.


Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian band which is just great. These are two of many great songs

Of course, you guys most likely wont understand the lyrics.



I like this stuff too, (just not to often though) - In finnish, but honestly you don't have to understand the lyrics if you watch the video. :p


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