My first question(s)


Hello, everyone.

I found this awesome project yesterday and, of course, I backed it immediately. I have many thoughts and vague questions, but the first one would be quite concrete:

You show how beautifully and realistically you've managed to create the weather and the sky, but I can't seem to understand how we will ever see it, seeing as it's a top-down game(right?). Will there be different available perspectives? I absolutely love the scenery, and I don't want to miss it.

Another question that popped up in my mind is regarding the natural environment. You showed how we could use tools to shape the world, adding rocks, grass, trails etc. When would we be able to do this? Wouldn't it be quite strange to change the world you play in, almost like cheating?

I have probably misunderstood plenty, and so I long for enlightenment!
From what I saw could be done with the camera, I believe you'll be able to tilt and move it? Not entirely sure, but it seems to me that you can.


I'm not sure but, from what I understand, the 'level editor' is optional. So if you desperately wanted to change something you could. Also, having cheating in a single player game with no highscores doesn't matter because it's just people who don't want to play the game they paid for. If that makes any sense...


As you watched the video you probably noticed shadows moved as day progressed, and when it was raining you could see it to on the ground and in water, or sun in water being reflected, rite? Sure the sky is overkill for this kind of game sure, sure. But it can also be used as a tool to help them with knowing wherefrom the luminous source is coming from.
Just like you when your an artist when you paint something. However this is just my own awnser to this qeustion and noone else, you can disregard it if you dont feel pleased with it. :)

Also They have already awnsered the second question before but they have yet to deside if they gonna implent it for ous or not, I personally think they want to, but it gonna be a question of money and time.


Well, as I understood it, they are still not decided on how and if the editor will be availble. Because it's made for in-house work it's probably not suitable for people who don't know how it works. Remember how the Creation Kit for Skyrim took a few months after release to come out? Imagine the position of Bare Mettle with a small team and not a lot of monetary resources...

Though I really really want them to release the editor, regardless of polish and documentation ;c


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