Need Some Advice

I've recently discovered SG and was instantly impressed so I bought exanima. The combat system is innovative. This is the type of game I was searching for in years. What made me more impressed was how it was made from the ground up. I'm currently in my first year studying game programming and I'm wondering how many years it would take to acquire this level of knowledge to be able to create a game of this scope from scratch. Based on what I've read, Madoc didn't learn programming much from books but mostly from documentations and experience.
I'm passionate about game development and would like to create an innovative game like SG in the future for people around the world to enjoy. I want to make it from scratch just like SG with c++. Sadly, I'm still pretty much a beginner. Do you guys have any advice on how I can reach this level of expertise?


Years of study.
There is no worst torture for me than study. Probably my deepest fear. So yeah, good luck with that bro.

Pc Genie

I have very little idea about actual programming I'll admit, the most I ever did was make a silly game on Macromedia Flash back in school.

However, if you want to ensure you have really good close combat worked from the ground up, take up Historical European Martial Arts or some other weapon based martial art. I'd hate to see yet more of Assassin's Creed or The Witcher (great games, but the actual combat is embarrassing).


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