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I've just discovered Examina. I have no idea how it went under my radar for so long because I'm constantly searching for new games like this. I'm really having fun with it. It's definitely difficult but also very enjoyable. However, I've read that there is no save from level 4 to level 7. Is that true? I've read a lot of people complain about losing 20-30 hours progress because of that. That's a little to hard core for me if that's the case. I don't have a lot of time to game so I'm a little hesitant to continue putting in time to the game if I'm going to lose that much investment. I'm fine with saving only at the very beginning of every level but if I lose that much progress then that's kind of a disincentive to play further. Thanks for making something new and interesting!!


20-30 hours seems like a exaggeration, but yes, currently there is no save after the end of level 3. Level 3 + is mostly non-linear, and the intent is that you can approach the content in multiple ways.

The Devs do realize its a bit too punishing, and a "save mechanic" will be added to this section of content before or with the next story update. I will add that its also harder to die in many ways post level 3, although this is somewhat deminished in the recently added level.


Yeah you'd be hard pressed to get 20 hours of content out of one run through. I think the most I've put into a single character is 10 hours, and that's an all-clear. I've probably killed 95% of the mobs and I've got all the gear I could want. I was definitely taking my time and being cautious too. The save system seems unfair now because you're new (or at least it did for me), but trust me, once you get the "feel" for Exanima, the save system is more than adequate.

There are 4 checkpoints. One half way through level 1, one right before you go down the stairs to level 2, right before the stairs to level 3, and right before the portal to level 4. Level 4 has the first full set of plate armor, and once you get that, you take significantly less red damage. Once you get the swing of things in Exanima, you'll be blowing past the first 4 levels like they're nothing, and the game is much more enjoyable past that point because you're finally well geared and have skills.


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