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If you take a look at some of the older videos, and the insider ones (if you have those) there's some good examples of characters falling over or flailing through the air with a hit from an ogre.


This succeeded my expectation, amazing work you guys.
The combat looks much more fluid and generally awesome, I think it'll be really difficult to go back to standard rpgs after this.

The castle looked great, I always liked castles, but often it's hard to get a feel for it in a third person game.
With the ability to walk on the roofs (Mind blown, thought there would be no collision on the roofs) you can really get the scale for the castle.

Tripping over the chair was hilarious. However I got one concern:
What prevents me from throwing a object at an enemy while in a fight?
Think this can be exploited quite much if there is no restrictions to how/when you can move objects.

The new warp power looks awesome.
I understand some peoples concern that it might be op in some cases. But frankly, I prefer if I can move were ever I want, instead of having some stupid artificial restrictions that prevent me from warping to certain places.

However one way to balance it out, might be that: The longer the distance, the more power/mana it consumes. And you can only warp to locations your character can see.
Hence, you cant warp up to a flat roof from the ground, but you can warp from a tower down to the ground. (This way, if you want to run around on top of a castle, at least you need to get up there by other means first)

Please ad a weight value to the weight "slider" for the weapons stats.
Not necessary, but a interesting addition.

Caves should imo be much much darker. Torch should be required unless there is natural light somewhere in the cave.

I liked that the disguised part really worked, just as I hoped! :D

What does the "slash" stat for a weapon mean exactly, how does 2dots differ from 4dots? and will there be other attributes, like Crush for other weapons (Mace for instance)

Anyway great work, can't wait to get my hand on the Alpha.

Please make an option to remove health regeneration while in combat, I noticed it was really slow, but I think it just promote kiteing like a chicken when you're low on hp in a boss fight.
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Well, that looked quite impressive!

I loved how versatile the teleportation spell was, even if being able to teleport another guy onto thin air may potentially be balance-breaking if its gameplay implications are not considered. That said, yeah, loved how many things it could work for and how its use in the video proved how "real" the world is. As opposed to most modern games where a rock higher than one's foot prevents passage.

Also think combat looks very interesting, which was one of the things that made me pledge in the first place. I do understand why some people think it looks "drunken", but eh. It doesn't look perfect, but it definitely looks interesting and different, and I loved the way weapons clashed and the ragdolls worked.

My biggest gripe in the video was the running animation: for some reason, the main character seemed to be floating above the terrain as she ran without her feet ever touching the ground. I'm not sure why that was - possibly something to do with the shadows? Like I said, it looked kind of silly, and it shouldn't be something that'd be too difficult to fix since it'd probably only require minor adjustments to fix.

Look forward to the game!


Nice video there BM, well worth ! Environment, structures and (gorgeous) view is quite realistic and music sounds very well with character's pacing. Everything holds up very well considering its being pre-alpha stage only, it should be felt already quite promising and stuning for the very first time watchers.

One speculation of mine is despite climb animation being not done yet and ground is undefined so character run feels floaty and we don't see footprints in sand, you take the advantage of it by demonstrating 'displacement' thaumaturgy cleverly !

I also for one being very curious just like Rob; what happened to that once was gonna hired animator to help you in physics ?

And I believe an indicator of some sort which shows how close your opponent is close to death would be feasible.

Additionally, nobody has stated yet but shouldn't guards in charge oughtta hold their halberds perpendicular onto ground rather than leaning them on shoulder ? (onwards 12:09)
And not sure if there is only a 'true way' should I say, but while running one can also continue running while holding the sword on your shoulder ?
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I have been a lurker on this forum since the kickstarter. I have not until now had good reason to really write anything constructive. But now, I really have to congratulate you on a fantastic video. This truly exceeds any of my wildest expectations. And how well it all flows!

I want to tell you that you have, and always have, had my full trust and support for what you are doing and for your artistic vision. I believe you will create an amazing game. Know that you have quiet fans out there as well :)


Know that I share the others praises! Magnificent work!

I just want to say I love how well you were able to hold a distance to the opponent using polearms! Most impressive! (I haven't seen any insider vids, so I had really no idea at all how this worked) Over all outstanding!! :)


I'm also really impressed with this, especially as I haven't seen the dev videos. The game is looking and sounding superb; I can't wait to get my hands on it! I hope this picks up a lot more exposure now, it certainly deserves it.


A great update BM, you're doing an amazing job. I don't have anything else to add really than what already has been said. It was overall great, loved every location we saw (escpecially the castle area). It was cool to see a primary stabbing weapon in use, the pitch fork, and i guess that means spears are working as well. I laughed when you tripped over the chair, nice touch to show the physics. The description and slider/stats of the weapons looked very neat, i liked it a lot. Teleport/Phase Shift thaumaturgy was very cool, can't wait to see what other powers you have planned (and thaumaturgy battles). Combat still looking great and challenging, and I'm aching to try it more and more by each video. Great sounds, great music, and overall a great looking game so far.

Walking looks good and natural, I like it. Running still looks a bit floaty, but i don't think it will take long for a talented team like BM to make it look better. I'm almost entirely convinced that you do not need a professional animator, at least not from what I've seen.

And to think this is all pre-alpha...

cosmo bozo

I liked everything except the constant teleporting, I assume(hope) that that was to speed things up because it's a demo.

People are still having a go about the animation, you need to remember it's a tiny team, with a small budget, and they are moving RPGs forward... and it was cheap to back at a level to get the game.

I think they have made a rod for their own backs by making everything else so far look like AAA game quality. People are picking apart the slightest thing.


Awesome Thanks

Unit attacks really need some more realistic movement, balanced stances and attack chains would add a lot.


I love the video, great work Baremettle! It's great to see all the positive feedback, and I really think that they are nitpicking with any criticism, especially the running animation. While it technically could be improved visually speaking, I think a lot of people are forgetting that it is not a pre-canned animation and rather an extension of the physics engine that drives the combat and movement in general, and that's why it looks slightly different from what previous games have done, which I believe is confusing people a bit. They don't seem to know that it isn't an animation really, it is the character reacting in such a way as to walk.

It may be a good idea to explain in either a short public video or post the specifics of the movement one more time, just so people realize how complicated and innovative this system Baremettle has built is. There is really nothing like it for a reason (it's incredibly tough and complicated), and I think it would really benefit the game if people realized just what was going on behind the scenes with the engine, rather than only being concerned with what they see.

It is also my opinion that a lot of this will get solved once a playable version is released and people realize just what the level of control you have over your character is and how different it is due to no pre-canned animations. Just remember Baremettle, anything negative or critical you hear about the game should be taken as lightly as possible, the game itself is very impressive, and the average commenter, especially on Youtube, doesn't realize how advanced this system is, and probably won't until the game's release.

One last thing, it might also help to post anywhere you can that there is still late backing available on the site (mostly to the community, but also to Baremettle). It doesn't seem that a lot of people are aware of that! Otherwise great work, and keep it up, with the level of innovation in this game, hopefully the reward will be great in the end! Thank you Baremettle!


Saw your comment about the running animation on youtube, glad to hear you do intend to invest some time into it specifically at a later time!

I just wanted to say, its very cool to see the donation amount increase daily after this video release. Got a few thousand extra to play with over the last few days and Im sure it will only continue to climb. The growth in youtube views is staggering as well, very promising.:)


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