Overview after 240 hours in-game

Hi everyone! In this thread i'd like to share my feelings about gameplay, overall thoughts on the game and some suggestions.
Part one - feelings.
I hit on Exanima almost 3 years ago and loved it at first sight. At first time i tried it myself i got scaried by the gameplay and the constant feeling of uknown to proceed in compaign, so i threw the game away for 1.2 years, sometimes launching it to have fun with engine in Arena Practice.
But when Crossroads appeared i got hyped and took myself together to start a new walkthrough. It was very exciting to explore the dark corrners of the Underworld myself, although i would never find any secret without Wiki or Youtube. Meanwhile i was improving my combat skills in Arena mode and got to the point where i felt no fear over the Dead.
Now i have about 130 hours in Arena mode and 110 in Compaign and i still start new walkthroughs often as i can't keep myself away from the atmosphere Baremettle managed to fill the Underworld with.
Part two - Thoughts.
I think i'm quite experienced already to share some of my thoughts and suggest something.
Story: As for me the game tells the story in the very original way: you are able to learn the story yourself if you pay as much attention to your suroundings as the game needs you to.
The world: everything good with this part, but i miss the feeling of Hive being more alive in both Sewers and Market as the background models lack any life. Also i got all of my surface rock-stone textures in darkgray after the new update and miss some of them in Market(particulary broken paving stone - only volume texture apeared).
The Underworld/Arena dwellers/Armor: the design and sounds are excellent, but the balancer lacks some animations: i killed lotta guys there and the way they die not always leave me satisfied as it looks kinda wacky when your opponent dies(loses consciousness) after being hit in his elbow. So i suggest some addons to HP system and new faint animation system so we come to the third part.
Part three - Suggestions.
HP system: as far as i can see now it just depends on how hard you hit and what you hit. I suggest to add bone-breaking mechanic of some kind that depends on Crush stat of the weapon. That will make loses more realistic.
Balancer: i lack some basic pain after fatal blow animations. F.e.: opponent holding the elbow after being fataly hit in it. Also i don't like the fact that every opponent you won falls dead(may be lost consciousness). I suggest to add another way to win like hit opponent in the way that will make him unable to fight anymore, like "break" any axis bone. That would work excellent with skeletons. So the "falling dead" would become rather an exceptional final of fight.
Future: I miss Co-Op and PVP so much, that's all, developers know better what to add to the lore.
Overall this game shows, how much Baremettle care about their product's smell and taste. I've already suggested this game to all my gamer-friends.


It’s interesting to hear your thoughts after a decent amount of playtime! As far as I know, they should be adding or improving on most of what you mentioned, and the new GI system will bring a lot of visual improvements.

The only thing they probably won’t be doing is adding a bone breaking mechanic, since the player would be completely and permanently incapacitated by a decent hit to anything. But regarding the undead, they might be able to do something like that to them; who knows what they might decide in the future.


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