Playtesting Sui Generis


How would I get involved in that? I've seen the trailer, and I've bought Exanima off Steam. It's now replaced Fallout 2 and Baldur's Gate 2 as my favorite game of all time. I'd love the chance to help the developers, offer feedback/suggestions/concerns, etc.

I also wanna to be one of the first to play it.


Sui Generis is still in such an early state that no one other than the devs have played/tested it. The devs are currently focusing on completing Exanima so the SG alpha will be quite a ways off. The people who helped crowdfund SG will be the ones testing it (there were alpha/beta tiers during the crowdfunding). Now that crowdfunding is closed the only way to test it is if the devs give you a direct invitation to do so.


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