Profile pictures Thread


Mine was a thumpnail from a video on youtube, I dont remember who made it. I later found it on google images.


messed a bit too much with the gamefiles and the characters ended up all pink/purple-ish (and alot of items missing), so i took a screenshot of it.


I am Sniper Wolf...
Sniper wolf!?...It can't be...Whose footprints are these?.... JUST A BOX

Mine is a a selfie and yes I can actually see through the eye, directly into your soul.


I found mine on google long long ago back around 2003ish for an UT2k4 Modding forum where I made crappy maps on. There was some sort of monkey theme going on at the time with the people I hung out with and this was just too awesome to pass up.

On another forum I use to use this same avatar until I became a moderator and then I switched to this lovely thing.

The story behind this one is a bit more intriguing. When I was young I use to play an MMORTS called Shattered Galaxy and one of the staff used a logo with just the letters WM in green and yellow. I couldn't figure out why he used it as his username was something like TSA, really cool guy. Then one day I saw a garbage truck driving down the road with the same WM on the side and it finally clicked. His Avatar was the Waste Management Logo! It went so well with what he had to do most of the time at work, reply to users who complained about stupid stuff using the game website's ticket support system along with some forum moderation. He was truly a man among men.


My pic is the cover of Rammstein's America-single. My name is also Rammstein's Rosenrot-album translated into finnish (rose-red). I've been a huge fan of the band and I've seen them live twice. Though now I have a much bigger list of bands I love than when I was a huge fan. Still mostly metal though (traditional and power).


I just chose it for looking nice, but it was best decision ever. That picture is next to the answer text box, so his expression makes me read through what I type several times and still I feel ashamed, he is never satisfied with what I say.


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