Proposition of improvement in the implementation of hired characters


While it's clear that currently the key is to give them the right weapon for the task, hope they win and make them rank up. This is a process that make you mostly alt-tab out of the game while they do their stuff. In the long run, it's breaking the pace of the Arena. As it is now, it's not particularly stimulating to watch inept fighter poke each other again and again.

The concept is good none the less. An effective way to implement it further and effectively would be to treat them as proper mercenaries. As such, they should have all the experience of fighting already. They should not have to rank up like other characters. They should have the same rank as the rank of the battle you want them to join. They should use the equipment you provide them for that rank like other characters.

The benefit of implementing it that way, is that training them would not longer be getting the player out of the Arena as an interactive experience. This would also preserve the pace of playing the Arena that is largely part of the enjoyment.

As mercenaries, they should have a flat fee of 1 bronze coin upkeep and take a % of the reward for winning. If they fight alone they should have 60% of the reward. If they fight in a double they should have 25%, 12% (each) in skirmish. These reward would justify their commitment at deploying their skills or not for the rank you set them to fight and reduce the reward of sending them to fight instead of yourself. Speculatively speaking this could be expended into a keeping them happy system, it could be interesting but it's not necessary at the moment.

This different way of implementing those characters in the game, could be worth trying as it could maintain the pace of the commitment the player has to provide in the Arena. It would maintain the interactivity of the player with the game and preserve the enjoyable regularity of experience of the Arena without limiting the choices the player can do of letting an AI fight for him.


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