Question from a new backer

So I just donated and got the basic backer tier of "Digital release" What I want to know is when can I expect to be able to play the sui generis prelude or maybe better known as "exanima", it says that the release date was planned as "Q3 2014" it is now march 2015, I have been looking up on the forums and discovered the last post was talking about the prelude being in an alpha state, when can i play this thing man I am so excited to give it a go.
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Exanima is soon to go into beta testing, shortly after that it will be released on Steam's early access. I'm not certain if this is when every previous backer will gain access to Exanima or if it'll be at a later date.


We dont have a releasedate, the beta is almost finished and with it the lifting of the NDA with a steamrelease to follow, expect it in the near future =D
Yes, I am going to upgrade to beta access on Friday when I can procure some more cash, simply because I cant wait much longer to get my hands on some form of this game, that and I want to be able to access the insider forums so I can get more information on one my most anticipated games of this year


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