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  • hey Brendan, i bought the game for myself and a friend and ive never seen any updates since you stopped updating through steam.

    i'e tried logging in here and it didn't work, i tried to use the lost password feature and it didn't recognize my email. :/
    Hi Brendan, was told to contact you here! I purchased Exanima 24 hours ago, loving the game but I would like the steam key and it hasn't appeared yet, I hear this happens sometimes but you can fix it manually?
    thanks for your help!
    Hi there !
    It's not a real problem because i can test/play Exanima anyway, but i don't get the steam key.
    I bought it only yesterday. Don't worry, it's not vital :D
    I purchased the game a while back, I never got a Steam key and I have lost the download email. I have a Paypal receipt, is there anyway I can get it to you to verify my purchase.
    Purchased the game yesterday, but I'm still without a key for steam, unfortunately. Tony sent me to you, so I assume you are in charge of that, and can help me out.

    Thank you in advance
    Hi Brendan, Purchased x2 extra copies of the game through the store a couple of days ago. It seems to have updated my contribution but where would i find the two keys?


    Hi Brendon,
    Hope this is the place to ask. I purchased from this site last night via Paypal. I have the Paypal receipt, but no Steam key to redeem.

    Thanks Alan
    Hello, mr Brendan, i think i need your help, i used paypal to purchase the Game but after that i got an timed out error... and no game!
    /Edit Thank you!
    Had a quick question re: email activation key. Hope this is the proper forum.

    EDIT: Question resolved. I look forward to playing your game.
    Hello mate! Please let me know whats the best way to contact you and get the ball rowling ;)

    Hey Brendan i just pledged another 20£, but forgot to to send a note whit it saying that i want to upgrade my account to the 60£ pledge, i want those videos ;)
    Hi, thanks and yes of course! You should have an email with the details now :)
    Sweet! got it! thanks.
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