Really annoying game breaking [BUG]

I consider myself as an ultimate overhead swagger, so there's no overhead planted without crouching for additional crunching. But i've ran multiple times into very unfair bug related, as i guess, to interaction of balancer with uneven surface. The problem is when im trying to smash enemy's head standing on some kind of small hill after crouching my character instantly falls through the surface to eternal suffering where he can't even die, then the game saves his position under the floor making it impossible to reload the game :(. This bug happened to me lot of times and all of them except for one were in the Market in the place near the Mine sighting where bathroom is connected with other room with pile of debris - crouching while overheading made the bug happen first time and happened there 3-4 times more, the last time it happened was in Catacombs on the hill near the 1st skeleton encounter who is standing next to the Tomb with swordsman.


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