Regarding the Kickstarter Update #4


I disagree with the assertion that the game is generic.

First off; the game is 2 years away from release, footage seen since the KS launched is pre-alpha/alpha and mostly an engine tech demo.

Secondly; armoured knights, magic and monsters are not generic. They're thematic. It comes part-and-parcel with playing a fantasy game. You buy a fantasy game and you can expect to play in a setting like this in most cases. Dark Sun, MtG, The Witcher, Risen/Gothic, Disciples, Star Wars and Elder Scrolls take most of their inspiration from European mythology. Divergence from this is primarily artistic licence. What matters isn't the setting but what gets done with it.

Thirdly; the gameplay hasn't really been discussed in official videos yet (that I've seen). Explanations of specifically how combat works, the interaction of items and spells with the environment in a broad sense has only been touched upon lightly. It's not unreasonable to expect a puzzle section involving most of the basic thaumeturgical skills in addition to fighting proficiency. It's also not unreasonable to expect certain thaumeturgical skills as having a use during NPC conversations.

None of the points listed above are specifically unique to the game/"IP" in question, they are examples of where certain mechanics were used to the benefit of the game or its background. For me Sui Generis attracted me to donate because it looks like an isometic Morrowind, with Dark Souls combat, LoTR scale and a sense of historical accuracy.

It really is going to be a matter of the execution that will make this game a great success or not. The graphics we've seen thus far are not so sophisticated (although the attention to detail on world generation, lighting, physics and atmospheric conditions is without peer) and the fighting, while awkward at the moment, will be a major factor in the purchase for a lot of people so you can guarantee that it will be improved before release.


Indeed. It is way too early to call it generic. We have just the bare bones now, and from now and until release anything and everything could change. The reason that I and I guess many others backed this was the engine and the promise of an open world to explore, and hopefully a modkit so that players will be able to change the game to their liking.


and the fighting, while awkward at the moment, will be a major factor in the purchase for a lot of people
I thought the fighting looked awesome. That is one of the main reasons I backed this game. Sure at some points it looks a bit awkward, but overall I'm so glad to see a game where attacking isn't just klicking on an enemy. It reminds me a bit of the game-play from Silver (one of the favorite games of my childhood), but much more realistic. :)

I'm so excited for this game!

Also I agree with you that it's kinda weird to call it generic in this early stage.


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