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Is there any interest around here to start a sub-forum or single thread for the purpose of forum roleplay? It seems fitting enough for the setting, and we could all play characters unaffiliated with thaumaturges or keep them vague, in order to avoid breaking possible yet-to-be-established (or revealed) Sui Generis canon.
Thoughts, interest, suggestions, plausibility?


I'd be up for it. A creative forum with fan-art, concept-based fan-fiction and roleplaying would definitely be interesting.


Was initially thinking a new sun forum could be made for it, but if not we could set up a new thread or do it here. I don't mind.


As long as the roleplays stay away from teenage drama that I've been use to from being a forum moderator before. Reading about how Bella is so into Edward while Jacob is moping around is boring to say the least.

Now if it was closer to the lines of an interactive story where each character posts paragraphs of enriching detail and life into a living world of wonder and imagination as they fight, live, and love in the name of honor, passion, and for the sheer hell if it then I would be in.


To you, dear readers, I introduce my character; fair Vael Vher'Dalis D'Cambion. Young emblazier of the family D'Cambion, traveling all the way from the Old North to brave himself on the harsh lands of beasts and develop foreign relations.

The king's family D'Cambion has massed quite a fortune and the extended tree of the members have spread far- far enough to have been in many campaigns with many families of power. The emblaziers are young and noble in nature, often favoring higher quality, polished armour, and will wield weapons of those similar to the sports of the region that they were raised.

The snowy peaks of the mountains around the keep D'Cambion are house to few beasts who are capable of surviving the harsh conditions. However, it's not quite the beasts that the young Vael fears in his home land, as there is just as much of a threat inside the keep itself; the families who serve D'Cambion are as treacherous as any snake- and twice as beguiling. They are always plotting to steal and seize the throne from underneath the hands of the fair family of the king, and any emblazier is ready to return home upon the word that the family may be threatened.

Vael waits behind the building; rain pours down from the skies, off the gutters and off of the hood of his oiled cloak. A young D'Cambion is taught to always be cautious, keeping their identity a mystery to those who need not know. Under his cloak, he toys with an idol he's been carving from red oak. The sound of the horse shoes echoing through the alley perks Vael's attention; a light-set rider on a skinny horse meant a traveler or a courier. The horse slowly and wearily advances down the alley.

Vael's hand wanders to the grip to the dagger sheathed on the back of his waist. He makes sure to conceal his movements from the rider. As the stranger approaches him, he can finally start to see the emblems and crests of his home nation abreast the rider's bone-coloured cloak, so thoroughly saturated with rain that no amount of wax could keep the rider dry.

"D'Cambion..."- the rider's voice is parched and tired.

Vael's relief is evident in the sigh; a dense mist exhaled in to the sharp chill of the freezing rain.
"I am he. I am Vael Vher'Dalis D'Cambion, emblazier of the D'Cambion family and third in line for the D'Cambion throne." Young D'Cambions were always proud of their position within their hierarchy.

"I carry a message for you, young emblazier." The rider shifts his weight on the horse. The various buckles and rings on the horse's halter and on the rider's belt chink together, casting sound off in to the darkness. He nearly collapses off the horse when he drowsily dismounts.

"What message could you bring, riding through the days and the nights? Do you bring word of my father? Is there a plot against my family?" The sound of panic in Vael's voice grows. The underhanded meeting with the sleep-deprived rider could only mean that his family were in danger. His heritage, his birthright and his future might possibly be at terrible risk.

"Calm, boy. Your father is safe enough." As the rider settles on the ground, he turns to loosen the bridle on the horse's saddle to hopefully give the fatigued horse a chance to rest. The rider has a smaller physique, but wide shoulders and quite tall. Being mounted on the gelding, it was quite hard to tell his size.

"The king is safe, my boy, however, you are not!" The rider turns, his cloak billowing and splattering water and mud about and the scraping steel noise of a longsword drawn from its sheath. One hand is thrown out as the rider flings his sheath aside and thrusts the blade of the sword towards Vael's ribs. Vael counteracted and drew his dagger beneath his cloak. A quick reaction twisted his body away from the point of the rider's sword. The piercing tip of the longsword slices straight through the cloak and the rider grunts as the weapon becomes embedded in to the wall. Vael swings his cloak over the attacker's face, disorientating him, and in one flourish, Vael impales the foreign rider's throat.

Vael slumps down on to the wet stone, physically and mentally exhausted.

"When one is in the clutch of victory, one is the most vulnerable to defeat."


I am sorry for writing something so long, I got carried away.


No apology needed, it was very well thought out. If anything, you should apologize for setting the standard so high! If this post is any sort of indicator, though, this RP thread will have a rich future indeed. I'll be contributing later, once I have the time to create and refine a character of my own.

As far as character creation goes, does anybody have any rues they'd like to enforce now? (e.g., is this a low or high fantasy environment, are we restricted to just human characters, etc.)


Heheh, I've been rolling with this character for a while. He's my character in my current RP.

I'm all for any level of fantasy, just don't go over the top. I enjoy reading about flawed or mysterious characters much more than I enjoy reading about the greatest warrior in the land.


While you walk down the street you see a fat, balding man pushing a big cart through the crowd. His loud voice booms over the crowd.
"CHEESE! GET YOUR CHEESE HERE! I have hard and soft, stinky and mild!"
As he gets closer you see his cart is full of cheeses of every kind. When he sees you looking he turns to you, and speaking in a loud voice, almost a shout, he says.
"Why hullo thar! Haven't seen you afore, just got into town eh? Fancy some Cheese?"

My character is Jonathan the cheesemonger.


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