Secure the web, thanks.


I'm not an expert so far, but shouldn't you guys be using https:// ¿?¿¿?

I really appreciate any information regarding this.
if you're going to be that paranoid about getting doxxed or your information stolen, just use 7 proxies or something. I doubt this site would get infected or taken over either...


It's not that https is more secure.
It's that http is hilariously insecure, anyone with knowledge of cybersecurity will tell you to switch to https right now.
Also it is slower. Because everyone stop working at optimising it (as it is so bad) and only kept optimising https instead.

So yeah, good idea.

Sgt. Floris

I concur. But seeing as they are so slow at updating their own game, don't expect them to update their own website in terms of cyber security anytime soon.


Is kind of sad to see such an amazing project with this lack of feedback. It isn't that difficult to put a big announcement of web abandon and link to steam community, or just take the site down, or perhaps someone could just ONCE a week give us just a QUICK UNDETAILED status update / community feedback.

People would be way more excited about supporting and participating on this, but right now most of the people feel like they were having a peek into an already abandoned project. So maaaany many people don't feel excited about that.


This site isn't abandoned. They still maintain recent builds on the account page and the store is still functional. When new Exanima updates are released they post the update info here as well.

I agree that the site could use a general overhaul to be more up-to-date with current events, better security, better spam filters (I delete 20+ spam accounts per day) but the person who maintains the site also works a full time job as well and has limited free time. He's responsible for answering support emails, maintaining the site, maintaining their CDN, etc.


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