Sewers [spoilers]


Whoever designed this deserves a medal cause the layout and the enemies are leaving me straight up spooked. The first enemy was sort of a fleshy skeleton so I was like "oh cool" then a resident evil monster came around the corner and started smacking me across the tunnels.

Anyone else got any sewer stories?


This is interesting because I remember seeing some people complaining about how the sewers were relatively bland and undeveloped. I think they nailed the atmosphere and basically every element, and I'm glad to see that there's other people who agree.

As for stories, my favourite memories would be stopping (luckily) just short of the abyss and barely teetering on the brink, and then having to fight some enemies in a risky battle on the edge.


Yeah I find it cool, only thing that might be an issue is that a lot of the tunnels are sloped in such a way that the enemies trip up from time to time.


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