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I mentioned this before in a previous post, but I wanted to bring it up again as a new product, a mouse in fact caught my eye, and I think it would allow for 3rd person to be a feasible feature in this game now.

The mouse is called the Lexip mouse, and it actually has two joysticks, one external joystick, and one internal one. Where the tilt of the mouse itself acts as another joystick. This mouse allows for 6 DOF (degrees of freedom), It's gained a lot of popularity on Kickstarter.

Here's a link:

With this mouse, 3rd person view would actually be possible in Exanima.

The devs originally intended for Exanima/Sui Generis to be a 3rd person game. But realized due to the lack of control granted by our input devices. That it wouldn't be possible to play the game in 3rd person, as you have to control the camera, the movement of your character, and your sword movement all at the same time. As the sword movement would also have be separate from the camera movement as well. So as a result they settled for the isometric perspective.

The thing is 3rd person view if possible, would allow for even more control over your sword and attacks than the isometric view could ever provide. This is due to the higher level of accuracy, and directional control that becomes possible when the movement of your sword is 1:1 with the movement of your mouse. For example, with a third person perspective, you don't need a overhead attack button anymore. Instead, you could perform an overhead naturally, by actually moving the cursor across the torso. In fact you would now be free to do nearly any kind of swing, from 360 degrees. On top of that, you also gain increased control over the movement of your body, you could tilt your head back, or tilt your head from side to side. This increased level control would allow for far more possibilities of movement.

Would be really excited to see something like this implemented, even if only as an option.
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