Some Mediocre Thinking in Somewhat Worn Condition on Future Arena Updates

I have to say I don't know if these ideas are any good, whether or not these are apparently interesting or just the stupidest shit you've ever heard is totally up to you. So here goes:

Forlorn Hope:
A high risk high reward mode where the player's choice of armour is limited to inept tier clothing (similar to how tournaments limits weapons) and fast paced, sharp weapons such as single handed blades, spears of both kinds, longswords, grand falchions, greatswords, etc. Judging by how the tournament mechanics plays, maybe it'll be the easiest to implement it there, but then perhaps it'd be all risks and little reward. Then again Exanima doesn't really like to hold player's hands, as the Latin name suggests. I got the inspiration from looking at scenes in some medieval fencing manuals.


A mode perhaps available when you've filled your roster with characters where you would fight another company with the entire roster regardless of tier. Perhaps players may get some clues to the strength of the adversaries or perhaps they'd go in blind. Perhaps, the loser of the combat gets all their gear stripped by the winner instead of a more conventional reward. Perhaps player created characters, other than the one the player choose to control, would be controlled by AI. Or maybe the whole thing would be the usual skirmish except perhaps 5 or 6 fighters on one side, with the player leading NPCs. This was inspired by historical events like The Combat of the Thirty

The ability to buy/sell or discard furniture, and other mundane cosmetic items via a third merchant, similar to the other merchants but with many categories of items instead of tiers. I would think a portion of the players perhaps would very much like to have more freedom in decorating their headquarters, for cosmetic, rp, meme or video purposes, especially when they've perhaps played the arena mode for quite a while and had several playthroughs of the main storymode. Since the merchant mechanics and all the items are already in game, to my noob mind, perhaps it'd be relatively easy to implement?

Random Encounters:
These are probably some of the more crazier/dumber stuff I've thought of, but I've read about the dev's willingness to expand on NPC interactions in the arena hub. Perhaps these ideas could have some merit, and give players a taste of more interactions:

Assassination/Robbery attempts:
Occasionally, an armed NPC could sometimes spawn at the gate of the arena hub, or perhaps in any of the uninhabited rooms. If they see the player they'll perhaps attack immediately, if not then they'll wait until the player bump into them. Or perhaps sometimes there'd be a chance to defuse the situation peacefully, perhaps through dialogue. If the player succumbs to the attack, they could lose a chunk of their wealth and/or reputation (if the system in place), and perhaps they wouldn't actually die save deleting death (similar to being killed by the fireplace), particularly not the first ever encounter.

Occasionally, a volunteer fighter would spawn at the gate and approach the player and there'd be an opportunity for some dialogue. They may propose to join you for free, at a discount, or even steep prices with a variety of reasons. Perhaps some inept NPC is desperate to feed their starving family, or if they want to taste the thrill of combat, or if they're drunk, etc. Perhaps some adept level NPC had fallen out with their previous company and is searching for a new job. Or perhaps they seek improvement to their craft and feel like you could provide the opportunity.
Perhaps an expert NPC would join you in search of greater fame (once the reputation system is in place, I suppose), perhaps they were the child of a recently deceased knight, left with no inheritance and little choice, or perhaps they consider themselves and/or their gear are of an exceptional sort (whether or not it's actually true), and thus demand an exceptional wage and treatment.

Traveling Merchants/Swindlers:
Occasionally a traveling merchant would spawn at the gate and approach the player in an attempt to sell their wares, but their true quality and conditions would be obscured, perhaps either by false descriptions or you'd have to convince them to reveal via dialogue. There'll be swindlers in the mix and will try to sell you shoddy items at exorbitant prices, and then proceed to walk towards the gate after transaction before despawning, leaving you with a small timeframe to check the actual quality of the goods and maybe try to "convince" them for a refund or just straight up finish them before they despawn. Or maybe go the punishing route where if you're fooled, there's no way to get your coins back, even if you kill the swindler.

Thank you for reading this wall of text!


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