1. OneAndOnlyPoop

    Some Mediocre Thinking in Somewhat Worn Condition on Future Arena Updates

    I have to say I don't know if these ideas are any good, whether or not these are apparently interesting or just the stupidest shit you've ever heard is totally up to you. So here goes: Forlorn Hope: A high risk high reward mode where the player's choice of armour is limited to inept tier...
  2. F

    Add more arena modes such as

    Honor duel - 1 v 1 with your current weapon but clothes used from inept level. So like adept honor duel might be sharp swords but inept clothes. Bloodbath - 8 people free for all similar to honor duel, weapon depending on rank and only clothes, no armor. Two to one - 1 v 2. Rank based gear...
  3. Zombazinator

    Jason and the Argonauts style mode in arena.

    First off I love Exanima and the first thing I thought of when seeing the skellingtons at the portal was the old film Jason and the Argonauts, then it hit me... 1 vs a group of skeletons armed with progressively more potent weapons and/or more numerous enemies, much like elimination but with...
  4. EnlightenedViking

    Thaumaturgy in the Arena?

    Can you use Thamaturgy spells in the Arena? Is there any point in putting your skill points into the Concentration and Insight skill trees in the Arena?
  5. Pc Genie

    The Challenge Thread

    Here's a thread I'll start where we try insane challenges and have a laugh trying them. I know there was a thread from last year with some, so we might as well keep the tradition going! Videos are recommended but not mandatory. ... I'll start the first challenge to kick things off, the No...
  6. Augur

    ~30 Hour Mark Impressions

    Hello folks! I'm a HEMA nerd, a lifetime member of the HEMA Alliance, and go to train weekly/compete in tournaments. I train in Armizare from Fiore dei Liberi primarily. I really like this game, it scratches my fencing itch when I don't have a friend to hit in the face with a federschwert, lol...
  7. Sir NotABot

    Bug Report: 2 for 1 in Arena Shop

    Just noticed a bug with the arena shop giving you 2 items for the price of 1. Repro steps: Open the arena shop Move piece of armor/clothing to purchase panel Drag that item on to your person so they wear it Click the Trade button. Go to player management and see 2 of that item in your general...
  8. Snoopbear

    So I just discovered the broom in the arena

    Couldn't find anything about it here on the forum, It has quite low damage but is really fun to use. You can find it by the side of the fireplace in the hub. close to the I feel like I did a discovery, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Should be right here:
  9. Peasant135

    Arena: Tiers and Points

    First things first: while I'm not new to Exanima story mode(finished the game over 10 times) I'm still making my way in the arena mode towards Master rank, so if I'm talking bullshit, please be gentle. :) My feelings about the way equipment balancing is handled: while the points system is...


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