Add more arena modes such as



Honor duel - 1 v 1 with your current weapon but clothes used from inept level. So like adept honor duel might be sharp swords but inept clothes.

Bloodbath - 8 people free for all similar to honor duel, weapon depending on rank and only clothes, no armor.

Two to one - 1 v 2. Rank based gear.

Three to one - 1 v 3. Rank based gear.

Holdout - Elimination style but 2 v 2 each round. Rank based gear.

Monster arena - 1 v 10 no armor/very light/old armor zombies with bad AI. Player may use any gear from their rank.

Time attack - Starts 1 v 1 but each 30 seconds new enemy spawns in.

Onward - You select 3 of your fighters (can select recruits, not only hired) and it's elemination style with twice as many opponents and when you character is defeated you play same round but with your second fighter.

To the death - duel but when someone is defeated round restarts healing their yellow health. Game ends when one of the people fully dies.

Honor to the death - same as above but honor duel with no armor.

Gang attack - 5 v 5.

(Special) Strangers - Always awailable, has no rank, opponents getting based on your gear points summary rathre than ranks. Having metal helmet and nothing but clothes and spear would be same as having almost full leather armor and hammer, for example. And opponents would wear random gear with similar amount of points.

Other suggestions:

New rank - experienced.
Right after novice.
Armor: mail and basic open helmets.
Weapons: one handed swords, maces and voulge. Healther and kite shields.

Buff mail, it feels a bit underpowered, full mail builds are not viable. At the very least make it have less encumbrance, because right now you're better off using cloth and leather armor, it'll protect you overall better than mail, or simpyl choose any other adept armor like brigandine + shoulder armor.
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