1. F

    Add more arena modes such as

    Honor duel - 1 v 1 with your current weapon but clothes used from inept level. So like adept honor duel might be sharp swords but inept clothes. Bloodbath - 8 people free for all similar to honor duel, weapon depending on rank and only clothes, no armor. Two to one - 1 v 2. Rank based gear...
  2. I

    (suggestion) npcs react differently based on how you look or act

    Something like KCD where enemies will get frightened more easily or be less aggressive depending on the gear you have and the things you do. Like if you kill their friend or ally or if you have high quality gear. Or maybe friendly npc's could tolerate more before they become annoyed or aggressive.
  3. Ganthor

    Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin

    I would love to be able to praise or chastise Derrin in game even if it didn't really have any effect and just played a set dialog, but I think it would also be cool if praising Derrin had a minor "calm" effect to help alleviate anxiety/yellow mindset. Chastising him could make him more anxious...
  4. T

    Story Mode Appreciation and Recommendations

    TL;DR Pros I love Exanima, especially the sound and lighting. The atmosphere creates the perfect amount of tension. The physics and logic puzzles are great. I love using the environment and improvising to solve problems, large and small. The combat, while not initially intuitive, has become...
  5. G

    Just adding my feedback and impressions after 20 or so hours of playing.

    First, I'll say that exanima is great. It's beautiful, the mechanics are fun and it makes me excited for what could be. Because I'm likely to just write a list of gripes or things I find awkward about the game it may come off as sounding like I don't like it, but that's not the case. The...


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