Feature Suggestion: Praise/Chastise Derrin


I would love to be able to praise or chastise Derrin in game even if it didn't really have any effect and just played a set dialog, but I think it would also be cool if praising Derrin had a minor "calm" effect to help alleviate anxiety/yellow mindset. Chastising him could make him more anxious or could just have no general effect.

Also, I think that your companion, undead or mortal, should trust you less and become anxious when you remove their equipment and the inverse should be true as well, giving them equipment should make them trust you more and be less anxious. This could help fight against cheesing the game with the cast loyalty > strip enemy > get the cheap shot > kill naked corpse.

I know the devs have an insane amount on their shoulders and are doing everything they can, much love to the devs, I just thought I'd put my ideas out there


That's definitely a good point about equipment trickery for the undead companions (and one that I take advantage of frequently). I think if this idea is implemented, Derrin should have a higher tolerance for your foolery, but I like the idea of giving Derrin feedback or just having more dialog options. I think the phrase "chastise Derrin" is just about the funniest thing I have ever read on these forums by the way, I love it. :)


I just want to be able to tell Derrin he's a dumbass right as I'm about to be killed by fael and he's swinging at air


I believe everything you've mentioned is planned or in the works already! There's going to be many, many more dialogue options for Derrin and other NPCs, and 'companions' under the influence of 'loyalty' won't be so stupid as to let you just completely disarm them in the future. Same for possession and other similar abilities; if a person/undead wouldn't do something while unpossessed (like running off a cliff or attacking their friends), they'll think "wait, what am I doing?" and break free if you try to make them.


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