Still a techdemo?

Is this post suppose to be taken seriously? Learn some manners.

Sounds like you should be concentrating on other parts of your life right now.


Hey folks,

I'm not here to talk nicely. I'm pissed of what this potential turns out to be: A let's-don't-change-anything-because-we-got-our-hardcore-retards-out-there-that-enjoy-everything.

I don't know what the dev team does, but it looks like there going easy peasy on it. doesn't matter if we fuck up a 175k backing, we got 2016, so what?!

Yep, that's a statement, so stop being proud of yourselves, there's bunch more to do.

Why didn't you even implement a simple restart from beginning option? What are you doing the whole time? No savegame just to skip the boring creation? You are no developers, you're just a bunch of hobbyists who don't deserve a plattform on steam. because where you are right now is still pre alpha with just a stable build.

why are you free walking with a mouse and fighting with wasd? Is it maybe because the code is shit?
why is freewalking so shit with the turning at A and D, rather than side stepping like any game after the 90 somethings?

why does combat feel like a brawl of 2 drunks? don't you people know how to walk smoothly? without a break after a sidestep? why is the character to stupid to swing left when I want him to? because he is to stupid to wield a weapon correctly, just to stay flexible? is it because he doensn't have the skill unlocked? right after you unlock the skill "activate brain" and "don't stop breathing, you might die"?
I oftentimes feel i got to a point when he doesn't do shit anymore, when every step he takes is wrong, swings the wrong way or doesn't get away from the wall. And why the fucking heck did you implement a relative to the cursor movement? maybe you'Re afraid, that this 8 way movement doesn't give you enough freedom, then get a freaking 360 controller and make yourself happy.
especially with the attacks: 3 buttons for left and right swing and beatdown, maybe we'll be able to figure out, when we attack mid high and low...

Everything else:
No save/load to prevent character creation over and over again
No simple restart in the Arena

And especially these 2 fuck me up, they are so easy to implement, yet you didn't manage to do shit here either.

You know sometimes being free is a benefit, but I had to experience something far worse: being left alone with shoddy convictions.
I'm tired, it's 2 am. Wish I had a Life worth living, rather than to sacrifice it to virtuality.

Hey folks,

nice to hear from you, actually I got better at the game, isn't that bad. And well I guess you're right, I need a life. Hope you enjoy your's although I wouldn't like to be stuck in there. Maybe we're all too anxious, retarded and ugly to be stuck in this relentless abomination of this undead life. Actually I am battling to get past that, but sometimes I am just pulled baack into this world, or for me, mire to be drowned with people unable to rip a good joke, be fun or have a taste for quality. Maybe it is just me, that tries to transition to a rolemodel, currently stuck in a suburban mum mode, but dreams should at least tried to be acquired, isn't it?

So I had to do a lot of research on those folks, being the humans we dreamt of, and guess what, they aren't extinct, they still live. Yet sparsely distributed among society and surely beyond our and sadly my reach right now, they sometimes dare to step into the daylight whereas I am taking some of the steps, to get out of this real time dungeon we were all so proud to be a part of and am going to tackle the ideal of becoming such a wonderful specimen.

Excuse me, this me and we confusion, I have to generalize as I must not tolerate, because, that might be in my way to step further. And sadly tolerance isn't a trait I was gifted as choice to develop, as making a change for me is bound to have no other choice left and so I must not consider other ways of life I sadly tend to be sucked in as I have to look into everyone's soul around me and watch them as they are than rather ignore their existence in boastful egoism, which compared to my egocentrical manner might be the lesser evil.

It actually was just an experiment. Getting rid of all my character to watch the sociopsychological construction of men as they are but a being induced with culture and information, oftentimes void the ideals what we should worship as society, the highest of our cultral achievement. Yet this society continues to expell itself, creating the subcultures it is left alone with. like a breed in a petridish only concerned about their sole survival, as we should praise being human as the highest existance we shouldn't degrade to tin idols, when we are but a descendant of god.

So what is it then? worship the human as he also is god? Or remind him that being god comes with liabilities that reach further than to solely pay taxes.

Current Life shouldn't be a new babylonian, it should strife for heaven and not just imagine or create it in a world apart from the real one.

I am deeply sorry for my incapabilities in treating you the way you should be treated, but you are a god sleeping, thus, sadly, with a conscience hopefully retarded, and hopefully not dead.


Carsten look at me. You are experiencing what is known as an "acid trip". Now, this will last for a fairly long time. And that is okay. What you need to do is sit down in the sofa and watch some TV and just ride it out.

I'm afraid sleeping it out is not an option. Your brain is in over-drive. Just stay calm and everything will be perfectly fine. You will eventually fall asleep and wake up fine in the morning.

Try to stay indoors. Maybe you have a friend that can come check on you?


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