The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread


Pretty much an assortment of clips after having just come back to the game after a year. Very tickled by pugilism at the time, and a nice way to boost health win or lose between duels. Love the way my big character just walks through people.

Still at that point where you haven't been playing very long so you think everything is sweet, then you get a few upgrades and realize how good the game can be. At 1:44 the pace picks up a bit.

Laying people out with metal bar. New game, ditched the big guy, still some decent hits throughout.

As good as I got before going back to Squad. Got annihilated at one point on my cleaver playthrough and realized I couldn't BS, picked up the sword for a little better speed, balance and range.

Glad enemy tactics are being worked on, the game depends a lot at knowing which range you bait the enemy into attack from, learning their interval of attack and having good timing. Sometimes I get really diced up by the enemies who feign attack, I get comfy and bite almost every time.


I was bored so i made a vid

How do you guys record with such quality again?
I was about to upload a 1 to 5 act but it messed the sound at the second act and i trashed all ;(


While I do greatly enjoy the official Exanima soundtracks I can only listen to them for so many thousands of hours before I need something new (I've spent over 3000 hours testing/playing Exanima).
Holy shit, thats actually two times the time I have spent playing Mount & Blade and I actually feel bad with myself :D.
I can't stand the waiting for the new update man, keep on the good work and release it as soon as posible! If not people's heads could start blowing up by a sledgehammer.


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