The Fan Art Thread!


thomas gomez, this is fantastic! You really captured the motion in that picture and what actually captured my eye first was the relievo at the right. You gave it much spatiality with a couple of dark and bright lines. The perspective makes it look very dynamic also.


Well, got inspired by videos and made this:

I suppose it counts as a fan art, right?

Also, my compliments to nox and thomas gomez, you're handsome men really greats stuff, guys. :)

Seeing the small picture preview first I thought it was 3D. Fantastic lighting, contrast and motion distortion. *throws my Intuos into the bin*
Hi everyone just thought it's about time we get this going!

so.. eerm. post your stuff below!

I have one more coming soon. ; ]

This thread could be moved later if some were else is more fitting. :)

This is a repost but I thought it would be nice to have everything in one thread. ^^

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PS. If Bare mettle want to use any of my stuff in this thread it's perfectly allright!
You should make a tutorial on how to do detailed images like this :D


Nox... I love your second picture. The lighting is great. Thats from scratch?

Icecold... I really like the darkness in your picture. The warrior looks kind of off, but the skeleton and the hint of firelight look really cool.


I love the Ogre kicking the poor Knight with the "This is Sui Generis!" background.

Now all we need is for someone to complete the meme by making the image before that one, in which the knight claims that "insert awesome feature of Sui Generis" is MADNESS.

Hint hint :p


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