The Fan Art Thread!

What tutorials and programs have you used to create the masterpiece?
I used the marvelous and miracolous Zbrush, pretty afordable for the kind of softweare it is, 700-800 euros and updates for free I think. There are sooo many tutorials out there just in youtube, its pretty accesible and intuitive once you get used to the UI. But I gotta admit I discovered this program back when I was at the 3D art school.

Also you have the trial download for free if you want to check it out if you're not so sure.
I got a creepy critter to add! I'd like to see more large creatures to fight as they get my blood pumping the most, and killing the greater enemies like sir or faels are the cream of the enemy crop. Mind you fighting a master swordsman is just as difficult as the large monsters.


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