This game is a design mess


The game is already fine by me, I enjoy playing it. I hope you know that no one is attacking you here, it's just people discussing a game. If you feel like you're getting wound up then just disengage from it because it's not worth getting upset about :)
Bah come on, I know you weren't attacking me, I just decided to you know, attack you a bit first! In any case, I really do think that getting lost in the maze for a while and trying to find your way out of it for a while is a part of the game, it's a gameplay feature. On top of it Exanima is a time consuming game, learning how to move and fight in it well can take roughly 24 hours alone.
It's a fair point (although expressed in a non-helpful way) that searching for items in a dark dungeon with no map or save/load mechanic is going to frustrate lots of players that would otherwise really enjoy the exploration, story, combat mechanics, etc. of the game. If you can make the game accessible to more people without compromising the experience for everyone then that's a win-win. I think the devs are aware of that and are working on it. If they said that those (accessibility) design elements are easier to integrate later on, while the core combat, physics, and AI are something that has to be settled first, I would take their word for it.
I mean you don't really need any item to proceed. The only times you need stuff like keys they are so fucking obvious that marking then somewhat would honestly come across as insulting for the player.


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