this system does not meet the minimum requirements to run exanima


Hello! Big fan of the project for a couple of years now, been checking the coffee diary regularly for a couple years now.
I just changed the steam application for the beta version, and now the game won't open and says "this system does not meet the minimum requirements to run exanima", even though my pc has run the game up until that point. Even when I installed the regular version back, still the same message pops up.
I checked for the OpenGLL.dll like the forums suggested and I don't have that file, also tried updating the driver and still nothing.
This really is frustrating as this and CS:GO are pretty much the only games i play nowadays.
Would really appreciate any help, and keep up the good work!


I just hopefully tried to launch the game after months of getting this error, to suddenly see it open and seem to work.
It had really lousy FPS, so I checked the settings and it turns out it opened with the intel driver instead of the AMD one, so I checked the device manager and the driver had some sort of issue. i restarted my computer, the driver was working again, and AGAIN I got that horrible, horrible error message.
That means my PC SHOULD have the system requirements for the game and is supposed to run it, but it just doesn't for some reason. PLEEASSEEEE someone help me I just wanna play this damn game


I suggest posting your issue along with your system specs on their Discord, as you're much more likely to receive help there. Other than that, you could try renaming the game's save folder (%AppData%\Exanima) to something else and see if it runs then.


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