hear me out, i know its kind of an oddball idea and it might have been suggested already, i saw someone suggesting bows and arrows but i think being able to throw small items especially mundane items and knives would be great and would give a use for the mundane items while not being necessarily good damage wise it would be cool to distract an enemy by throwing a metal object on the stone floor and he is startled by the clang and goes to investigate. i think it could work really well with the already established combat mechanics and the momentum of swings, being able to throw something really hard by spinning your character while you're throwing the object and on another side note if that was added, the ability to break glass jars and wooden objects on undead skulls would be cool too, overhead throws, and potential for underhand if new underhand swing skills are added in the future. i think this could have a lot of cool uses and features and could make the game a lot more controllable for the player and definitely potential for new skills in throwing objects harder, straighter, and different ways i don't know, just some stuff i've been thinking about, let me know what you think


I see this has been up for a while, but to answer the question, throwing weapons are already planned :). I'm not sure if we'll be able to throw mundane items, but there's likely going to be at least throwable axes, knives, javelins, hammers, and any other typical throwing weapon.

As for Sui Generis, progress on Exanima = progress on Sui Generis. As soon as they're done with Exanima, they're going to take all the tools they developed for Exanima and use them for Sui Generis.


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