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Just wondered if anyone has had a go on Tolroko- A John Carter (Or rather- Barsoom) inspired open world sci-fi RPG

I urge you guys if fans of sci fi to check out Tolroko, you can download the latest build for free (New update today) on the tmblr downloads page. Its build on a self built engine called ZeroFPS which easily rivals UE4 and other high end engines whilst maintaining rock-steady FPS ;) and already features quests, trading, very basic hunting, reputation system, simple base building, a gargantuan open world and flying vehicles (Which are already armed & fun to fly) the graphics are lovely, the music very relaxing and sci-fi. The dev is;

Richard Svensson
Lead programmer at Pieces Interactive by day, and Indie developer by night working on my game Tolroko. I also tweet

Check it out!` :)
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No probs buddy, the guy works for a decent company so it already has a very... quality feel for it even with placeholders. I just wanna show my support :) Devs very active on Tigsource if you wanted to request anything,

I mentioned a slider for headbob a couple weeks ago as some people hated it, others loved it... me, I wanted a little, voila next build its there :)


Ha man ! I really like this game !
Played an hour, exploring, doing quests, crashing my speeder on trees... I like the feeling of Tolroko :)

Btw is there a way to play online right now ? I tried with a friend, I used "tserver.exe" to launch a serv, but one ingame I could not start the server.
Haha i know its a hidden gem and insane that he expects no funding, its just his hobby :) wait till you get a fighter ship, fast menouverable etc. Built my first house on it last night after finally beating combat beta recruit with 1h sword lol i think the server is just for the devs server he runs occasionally but soon my friend and i shall join u too lol would be epic with a small group, can build a city :D


Hadn't heard of it before and it actually looks pretty cool. I'll be keeping an eye on it and will check it out more seriously once it's further along.


Ok, yeah I'm also willing to try it in coop, we'll see. A friend might be interested too. It's impressive that he's alone to code this :eek:
already cleaned the recruit combat beta ? nice :D
Glad to raise a little awareness. Im shocked at the content for such an early stage the world is huge! Cant wait to be co-op pirates ;) haha


Yeah it's really huge, but now I have a million units of money, and I don't know what to do, I have 3 "blueprints". corner,ground and cube, is that all for now or are there more ?
btw with the latest patch, I.A can shoot. So I got wrecked by pirates, one of them ran away on a speeder, and he came back when I was leaving, he totally destroyed me that was funny. ;)
I do like the.. sense of it being dynamic, and yes the pilots are very good but once you get that good you'll be blowing them out the sky! :) I loooove tackling a forest in an air vehicle... life and death, one mistake and yoo're dead, awesome! I killed pirates till I got 'slope' and something else so made a lil house with gaps for windows, a ramp/slope up to it etc, put it up on blocks for effect ;) glad you're enjoying it.. Drop in on Tigsource and let the Dev know on his thread, he'd be happy to hear it :) oh by the way I convinced another friend to pledge SG :D The word is spreading!


Oh blueprints can be looted on pirates ? Never saw any. I bought some to traders, but I'm veeery far to have visited all cities ><
I didn't find anything about tolroko on Tigsource...
Ah cool, welcome to your friend then ^^


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