In your KS pitch you mention "We have not only developed all the core technologies and prototyped the game, but have developed a truly vast and impressive set of tools to ease development and the content production process". I think showing some of the tools for content generation (specifically also for more "game" rather than "world building" related stuff, e.g. dialog, quests, AI schedules) could inspire more confidence in your project. A lot of what you showed so far is very technical / rendering / physics related, and proving that you have an actual game engine (rather than a renderer / physics engine) would be helpful.

Secondly, I have read your comments on the KS, here, and at RPGwatch (and you have probably read mine). I am one of your backers, but at least with regards to the hardcore RPG community, you need to do more to sell your game, story and world. It is obvious that a lot of people are worried that you have the technical mettle, but not the design and writing expertise to deliver an interesting game. At least with this community, the story outline may have hurt more than it helped, because of its stereotypical fantasy setup. If you can, give a better view on what the gameplay will be like, examples for the kind of situations and solutions that will be possible etc.

Good luck!


I was going to post almost the same thing that GhanBuriGhan said, be he did it much more eloquently, so I'll just say, Ditto :)


In my opinion the most important thing is that the game can actually be heavily modded. The engine itself is the selling point for me. I can imagine the kind of amazing things that users could create with those tools!


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