Torment: Tides of Numenera - Record-breaking kickstarter


I'm surprised they've reached $2 million, given that they're not showing any prototype gameplay videos, intended mechanics, or even tech demos. Compare with Sui Generis' pitch video!!!

All they've provided is a list of developer names, name-dropping old games, some concept art, and a back story. Apparently that's what's required to get a game well-funded via Kickstarter. The variety and impact of different trailers and pitch videos never ceases to amaze me - interesting psychology.


The reason it's so popular is because it's a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, a game that already has a following.
Not to mention the devs are well-known and have proven that they can delliver good games.
And since they have all the famous people on board they are getting a huge amount of publicity.

If Sui Generis were to do well and went to kickstarter again, I'm sure they'd receive a much bigger budget regardless of their video.


The soul reason that I backed that project was because one of the members participated in one of my very favorite games, Shattered Galaxy. I've been looking for a replacement to that game for so long, End War was close but died due to a few minor design decisions and lack of community.


I backed them because I'm mildly interested in the game, and very interested in seeing how kickstarter will evolve. If kickstarted games do well, we could see big changes in the game industry. If their games sell well they might not even need kickstarter for their next game, which would be awesome as we would have another CD Projekt Red (Holy crap Witcher 3 is gonna be sick <3). So yes, while Sui Generis deserved a lot more attention than they got, I'm still happy that these guys are getting this amount of support.


Well the new Ultima thingamajig seems to be doing ok aswell. As a fan of Ultima series I had to back it up also.


Those character animations look soooo much better than Pillars of Eternity. I am so turned off by the animations in Pillars. This is very refreshing to see and what I was hoping for in terms of a next gen "Infinity Engine." Quite excited for this one!


Yes that UI looks like jumped from days of Nox at least partly, which have many rooms to be improved for sure. Hope the scenario would be having enough interesting moments to be drooled within so that we would not distracted by minor inadequacies.
Then we have Stasis, which also pretty silent for quite a long time as well.


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