Trying to find a specific dungeon crawler...


Hello, I have been off-and-on sick lately due to the weather changes happening where I live. I like playing slower paced games at these times, so I've been working through Dungeon Siege 1 and was reminded of a game I saw a few years ago that looked like something I'd like to try out. I can't find it after a few hours of shot-in-the-dark image and game genre searching, hopefully someone else has better luck than me.

I can't remember the name or what letter it started with. It is a dungeon crawler game in the same lineage as Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld, and Legend of Grimrock. First person perspective with one or multiple characters controlled through a panel outside of the viewscreen. It isn't on Steam or GOG, I remember that it has its own website. It had simple polygonal 3D characters and terrain, as well as sections you can go underwater in.

One thing that stuck with me is that the town was persistent, so all equipment you bought stayed with you (As long as you made it back with it) for future characters. All characters have ages, so as they progress they get slower and eventually die of age. The game even went so far as having traps that would age your characters, which is one of the worst traps to get hit by.

I don't think there was an automap but I may be wrong. The person I remember watching said that despite all their time with the game that they never beat it because of the length of the dungeon. Seriously; He showed the progression of the game and it makes Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup look like a trip to a 7-Eleven.

Good hunting to you!


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