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Since Madoc said that they're probably okay with mods that change or add things I made a mod that changes all the blueish light orbs in the game into lanterns! If mods like this are okay and appreciated I'll probably make more.


Get the file here.

Warning: I have performed very limited testing of the mod and can not guarantee that it won't affect your saves.

Just replace the Objlib.rpk file in your Exanima directory with the one from the link above.

Let me know if it works or if it doesn't or if you find something weird.

\/ Darkness Mod Further Down \/
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Lights Out (Darkness Mod)

We all love the torch, but sometimes we betray the torch and switch over to two-handed weapons or a shield. That won't be very viable in this mod.

What it does?
The mod replaces all light orbs with broken ones and removes all ambient light and all fires.
The results?
A very very dark dungeon.

Venture forth with torch in hand! We don't need any inferior forms of light!


Get the files HERE!

Replace the Objlib and Resource file in your Exanima directory with the ones from the link.
Note that you will also need to start a new game for the mod to work completely. It will still remove all light orbs from your other saves but the ambient lights and fires are only removed by starting a new game.

While I have tested the mod there is no guarantee that it won't affect your saves. It should only affect saves created with the mod installed and other saves should be as they were once the mod is removed.

The mod shouldn't interfere with arena, besides from the arenas that use light orbs... xD

Let me know if the mod works or if it doesn't or if something is weird.

There are some places where some ambient light still lingers.
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Hello darkness my old friend.....
i've come to talk with you again.....
Why not replace every item with plate armor. that would be fun for shure :rolleyes:

We need sacrasm emote.
nice darkness though


These mods are really cool and not intrusive, thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing more :)


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