We desperately need a mapping system.

Is a mapping system "necessary" for navigating exanimas large dungeons?

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EDIT: madoc recently posted a thread which addresses pretty much everything here: http://www.baremettle.com/forums/index.php?threads/time-to-talk-about-maps.4586/#post-43369

After watching several lets plays, and exploring every level to my best ability so far, the most common problem im seeing and having is going in circles.

I get lost constantly, the compass is somewhat useful but even with it i have very little sense of direction or where ive been, etc. while looking for "that one room" like after i find a token i just have to wander in whatever direction i think it might be in and hope for the best.

While i strongly dislike over-informative mini-maps like this:

(i might as well just be playing mini-map: the game)

a very basic and rudimentary map that at least fills out the rooms as you progress and allows you to make notes would be fantastically useful. Ive walked around this damn golem area several times and im still lost and still dont understand the layout of the rooms very well. I dont think i ever will till i see a map of the place.

I think legend of grimrock did maps very well. not too informative, and you can mark information and places as you see fit. Its almost like your "making" the map and it feels pretty immersive.

I would personally prefer a inventory-based map, that you have to "use" rather than a static mini-map, but my point still stands, these dungeons are way to complex to play without a map of some sort.

by the way, is there a key to the locked door on the golem floor? I think ive looked everywhere, killed the boss and found all the tokens.
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The map layout is very maze like, and with the similar tile-sets it's tricky to situation oneself. The compass is a useful tool, but it has to be paired with a map to be of any real value.

People have made their own maps outside of the game, but what I would really like to see is in-game tools to draw our own maps and put down markers and notes. Better yet would be having it be a physical in-game item you carry in your inventory and that you could potentially find on other NPCs (With each map being drawn in a unique different style and potentially flawed).
An inventory map would be great, if the locations get bigger than level 5, preferable one that draws your progress, no whole spoiler map, or include a mapping skill.


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