Weapon Aquisitions


I am creating this thread as a place where people can review/show off weapons they have purchased, and maybe even guide others on what to look for and avoid in the weaponry market. That being said, on to what really sparked this topic.

Kultofathena.com. They have one of the widest selections I've seen, they usually ship quickly, and they're trustworthy. Three days ago they started a sale in their dent and scratch blow-out section, where items in less than pristine condition can be purchased on the cheap. The Mystery box, coming in two sizes. Small will contain decorative/wall-hanger items, while large will contain only battle-ready weapons. Sadly, the large boxes have all sold out, I would have made this topic to give anyone interested more heads-up on this, but I didn't anticipate that. :/ In either case, the boxes will contain random items they have accumulated over the years but you can make a one-word request which they will do their best to fulfill.

I considered requesting non-cold steel items, (because f*** cold steel) but decided that would be unfair to eliminate approximately 25% of their inventory. I then considered doing the same for fantasy weapons due their often flamboyant/ridiculous, but instead asked if they could put labels or tags in the shipping container or on the weapons themselves with information about the make of the item and the manufacturer. This would allow me to review what I receive as well as tally what the cost would have been buying all of these items new vs what I paid, $200 US for $500+ worth of items. ($224 after shipping). More information will follow after the package ships.

Anyway, feel free to post any reviews/ thoughts you have on items or manufacturers in general, or give us pretty weapons to look at.


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